What separates us from each other? Experiences, talent, culture and creativity! When looks diminish will your inner strength exceed your exterior? No matter where one originates, creativity and drive determine your uniqueness amongst others in your craft. Robin V grew up in Baltimore, MD but the walls of the small city couldn't hold her ambitions, the world was her's to explore.

Robin's dreams foreshadowed a reality she never expected. She moved to Miami, FL and signed with the prestigious Ethnicity Models, where her beauty flourished through all of her work. Robin quickly became an iconic urban model, appearing in the hottest music videos and gracing the covers of King, XXL, Blackmens magazine and countless other publications her peers would kill to be in.

At the height of her career she yearned for more and noticed the lack of a women's touch shooting with male photographers. They never quite seemed to capture the true softness, beauty and essence of a woman. While working with Hype Williams she observed his techniques and was inspired to pursue her photography career.

Combined with her skill in make up artistry, photography was a new way for her to create timeless beauty and true art. Modeling trained Robin in being the ultimate photographer and single handedly allowed her to change the face of photography. Her individuality reflects through every frame, using bright colors, high fashion poses, and the eye to capture a mere desert and project it as an oasis. Robin specializes in photojournalism, lifestyle, commercial, editorial, high fashion, candid, landscape, still life, portrait and abstract photography.

Life produces constant illustrations how will yours be captured?

Recap in the life of Entrepreneur, Photographer Extraordinaire Miss Robin V.