Working With Stevie The Artist


I've always admired and found people who had the ability draw and paint with ease. Being a drawer myself, I can tell you that drawing and painting aren't something that comes easy for me like it does for others. For me, it takes a lot of concentrating and for others, drawing is like second nature. Having such a talent is truly a gift only God can give. 

I met Stevie over two years ago on a project we both worked on together and it was then when I discovered what an amazing artist he is. Stevie is not only a drawer and painter but he is also an architectural contractor! Meaning, he can design, and build large objects with his hands. So when my client Kijafa Vick contacted me about finding someone who could create a gold foil motif design on her body for her maternity shoot, Stevie was the first person I thought of.

Here are some behind the scene images I shot of Stevie in action.    



Stevie can be found on instagram @stevietheartist  

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